R D WOOD is a poet.


Robert Denish Wood grew up in a multicultural family in suburban Perth, Western Australia. He has subsequently lived in Canberra, Philadelphia, Paris, Berlin, New Delhi, Margaret River and Melbourne. At present he is in Kochi.

Wood was educated at the University of Western Australia, the Australian National University and the University of Pennsylvania. He has studied Mandarin, French, Japanese, German, Spanish, Hindi and maintains an interest in Western Pilbara languages. He is only fluent in English.

Wood’s writing has been published in numerous literary and academic journals. He has interned for Overland, worked for Australian Poetry, edited for Peril and Cordite, been a columnist for Cultural Weekly and is on the faculty of The School of Life

His poetry focuses on our relationship with the natural world and draws on his experiences in country, suburb and city to create mythic landscapes informed by history and philosophy. At present, he is working on a book of poems and a collection of short  essays that touch on personal narrative, literary theory and the 'Australian' past as they emerge in contemporary poetry.


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